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Why you should hire a DUI attorney

Having competent legal representation in your DUI case is very crucial. This is because driving under the influence is a very serious charge that can spell the end to your normal life. Most of the times, a DUI charge is usually bundled up with other crimes which if convicted you can end up spending a really long time in prison. A DUI attorney is a legal representative that is specialized in handling cases of driving under the influence. If you happen ever to be arrested because of DUI, the first thing you should do is hire a DUI lawyer.


Benefits of hiring a DUI attorney


A DUI attorney is familiar with the different essential legal rules and standards that apply to warrant your prosecution with a DUI charge. It might be very likely that some or one of these legal standards and rules were not followed during your arrest. If you happen to hire an attorney from another field, they are likely not to be very familiar with the latest developments in these legal rules and standards. The same applies if you choose to represent yourself. These legal standards and rules involve blood draws, breath tests, field sobriety tests, and sobriety checkpoints.


Additionally, a DUI attorney will also help you defend your driving license status against any suspension by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle. This specialized attorney will defend your case more effectively and more persuasively and help you retain your driving license. If you choose to defend yourself or get a lawyer who isn’t specialized in such matters, then you are likely to lose your driving license forever. Moreover, a DUI attorney can speed up these proceedings and enable you to be able to drive again as soon as possible.


Discussing options with your DUI attorney


A DUI is a serious crime, and the severity of the consequences all depends on what evidence the prosecution has against you. You might think that as the accused you have to choose between only taking a plea or going for trial, but there are more than that. By hiring a DUI attorney, you can exploit other options which might include you taking and completing drug and alcohol counseling. Taking such a program might result with you getting a lighter fine or reduced sentencing. If you hire an attorney who is not specialized in DUI or decide to represent yourself, it will be tough for you to exploit these options.


Inside information will help your defense


A DUI attorney you hire to represent you is very likely to know of will be on the prosecution team. Additionally, they are also likely to know how a particular prosecution team likes to approach its cases. This inside information will help you as the accused avoid any surprises in your trial. In such a criminal trial, being caught off-guard by the prosecution may actually shatter your defense and land in prison for a very long time.


Most of those who fail to hire a DUI attorney in such trials have ended up paying a hefty price for something they could have easily avoided. Law is a very complicated field, and the only way to master it is by practicing it. Since you have not been practicing, it’s only sensible that you let a DUI attorney handle your case.

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