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why you need a criminal lawyer

Whatever your situation, if you are facing serious criminal charges or have the potential of going to jail, it is in your interest to hire a criminal attorney. Even if you believe that you may be able to handle the problem yourself, it’s better to at least have a consultation with a chicago criminal lawyer to ensure things will work out in your favor. Consider the following reasons you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer when facing criminal charges:

1. They Can Reduce Your Sentencing

An experienced criminal attorney will be able to negotiate a plea bargain or “deal” with your prosecutor. In many cases, this will reduce the initial sentence and may even eliminate all or some of the charges you are facing. In the event that you are found guilty, your attorney can ask that you serve less time or serve out your sentence in a rehabilitation program.

Even if you go in for a consultation with a criminal attorney, they will be able to advise on the solution for your case. In some circumstances, pleading guilty to certain charges may be the choice and can guarantee you a shorter sentence.

2. They Can Cut Through the Legalese

While anyone can legally represent themselves, this isn’t the wisest option. Lawyers are able to cut through all the legalese that any average individual wouldn’t be able to understand. Instead of taking on your case yourself, hiring an experienced criminal attorney will ensure that you have a in your corner.

This is especially important when dealing with criminal charges. When facing such charges, it’s to choose an attorney that specializes in that area of law.

3. They Will Present the Strongest Case

It is the job of your criminal lawyer to present the case. Regardless of the amount of evidence that the opposing side may have against you, pleading guilty isn’t the only option. An experienced criminal attorney will fight for you and do their to ensure that you get the most favorable deal possible. Sometimes, the right lawyer can handle the case even before the trial begins.

4. They Can Negotiate Plea Bargains and Settlements

Just as these attorneys understand legalese, they are quite familiar with settlements and plea bargains. This experience will guarantee that the deal that you end up with is the option for you. If a settlement is possible, your attorney will be able to negotiate this for you.

5. Without an Attorney, You Don’t Stand a Chance

If you aren’t an attorney yourself, going into court without proper representation puts you at a serious disadvantage. Even if you accept the legal aid provided by the state, they aren’t likely to be as invested in your case as an experienced criminal lawyer that you have hired would be.

When you consider the fact that the other party likely has legal representation, you must do the you can to ensure you have the same level of support. It’s to assume that the other party has probably hired the most experienced attorney to help them win the case. If you don’t do the same for yourself, you’re already setting out to lose. Avoid being unprepared in court by hiring a criminal attorney as soon as possible.

A qualified criminal lawyer will be able to help you navigate the ins and outs of any criminal charges you are facing. Contact a criminal lawyer today to set up a consultation and discuss your case.

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