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Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer When Accused of a Crime

Being arrested and charged with a crime is always an overwhelming and scary experience. You may even feel confused and unsure of where to turn. You might initially consider representing yourself in court, but you shouldn’t do that unless you have a law degree and know the criminal justice system inside and out. However, you might also wonder if you need to a criminal defense lawyer when the police have charged you with a crime. It’s important to know why you should, in fact, get in touch with an attorney and have one representing you when you are in such a situation.

What Can a NYC DWI Lawyer Defense Lawyer Do for You?

There are a number of things that a criminal defense lawyer can do for you when you are facing criminal charges. This is not the time to choose to represent yourself because you don’t have the knowledge, training or experience to effectively create a strong defense. The criminal justice system is one that is highly complex and each case is unique. For these reasons, only an attorney who is well-versed in criminal defense law should be representing you in court when the case against you is heard. If you lose your case, you should hire a federal appeals law firm who can help.  You can expect your criminal defense lawyer to do the following for you:

Negotiate a deal: Your defense attorney can negotiate a deal with the prosecutor that is fair to you. Generally, this typically means the charges against you are reduced and your sentence is lessened. The prosecutor is far more apt to agree to a deal with a criminal defense lawyer rather than with defendants who represent themselves.
Speak to law enforcement for you: Your lawyer can speak to the police on your behalf, which can help you to potentially avoid incriminating yourself or confessing to the crime. Law enforcement can use certain tricks and tactics to get you to talk, but your attorney knows how to deal with them.
Familiarity with the law: A criminal defense lawyer is familiar with the laws throughout the country but on the state level as well. This can often help in your case. They also know about court procedures that may not be commonly known by the average layperson.
Save you time: Having a criminal defense attorney can help you to save both time and energy. Because this is what lawyers do for a living, they can spend precious time on your case and help to build you the possible defense. In contrast, if you were representing yourself, you would not have the time or resources to do so and would likely face problems like missing time from work and lost wages. A lawyer can also do all the legwork and deal with the red tape, such as in gathering evidence and speaking with witnesses.
Possibly get the charges reduced or dismissed: Criminal defense attorneys work with a team of investigators to determine the facts of each case. A lawyer can conduct this research before the charges are even filed against you and possibly get the charges either reduced or even dismissed by speaking with the prosecutor about the investigation they conducted.
Continuously monitor the status of your case: While the investigation is ongoing, a criminal defense lawyer can prove integral by continuously monitoring the status of your case. Criminal charges can take weeks, months or even years to be filed against you. Your attorney will stay on top of things and contact you regularly about the status of the case and inform you of any updates.

If you have been accused of a crime, or even worse, arrested and actually charged, speaking with a criminal defense lawyer is absolutely essential. These are several of the ways an attorney can help you.

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