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Prostitution is known as “the world’s oldest profession” for a reason, and it has been in practice since ancient times. Despite this, however, the legal system in New York looks very negatively at prostitution-related behavior. If you are facing any charges related to prostitution, you could be wondering how you are supposed to handle the situation. Luckily, we have a team of attorneys who can help you with your prostitution-related charges in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Prostitution Charges

First of all, you should know that there are many different charges in New York State that are considered to be prostitution-related. For example, the most basic charge of prostitution is a class B misdemeanor. Soliciting a prostitute can also be considered a misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances. There are also various other prostitution-related crimes that you could be charged with or convicted of as well, such as sex trafficking.

Possible Consequences for Prostitution in Brooklyn, New York

If you are convicted of a standard prostitution charge, which is a class B misdemeanor, you could face a three-month jail sentence or one year of probation. A fine could also be assessed. For those who are convicted of a class A misdemeanor, such as for soliciting a prostitute, there is the possibility of serving up to a one-year jail sentence or three years of probation. Again, you could also face a fine.

Some prostitution-related charges, such as sex trafficking, come with even harsher penalties. For example, if you are convicted of sex trafficking, which is a class B felony, you could face up to 25 years in prison.

Along with the potential of jail or prison time, probation, fees and fines and other consequences, you also have to think about the effect that a prostitution-related conviction can have on your reputation and the rest of your life. Finding a job or renting an apartment can be difficult or impossible with this type of record.

Possible Defenses for Prostitution

Depending on the nature of your charge, there are various defenses that an experienced, skilled and dedicated attorney can use in your defense. For example, for those who are charged with actually committing prostitution, possible defenses include things like the defendant being a victim of sex trafficking. For those who are charged with crimes like soliciting an underage prostitute, defenses can include things like the defendant not realizing or having any reason to think that the individual was underage.

Of course, with so many different types of prostitution-related charges and so many different potential defenses, things vary from one case to another. If you are curious about what an attorney might be able to do for you in court, your best bet is to sit down for a consultation with a lawyer who you can trust. Then, he or she can go over some of the possible defenses and can help you prepare for what you might face in court.

How Our Attorneys Can Help With Your Situation

If you are currently dealing with a legal situation in which you have been accused of violating prostitution laws in the state of New York, you need legal representation. Luckily, our attorneys are here to guide you through this difficult time.

You never have to worry about any judgement when you work with our professional team of lawyers. Instead, you will be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience that these legal professionals have gained in their time practicing in the state of New York. Our attorneys will help determine all of the factors of your case and will then work on the best defense for you possible. Plus, along the way, you can count on our lawyers to keep you informed and walk you through the entire legal process. We know that facing any type of charge can be upsetting, and things can be particularly difficult when you’re charged with a prostitution-related crime. If you work with our legal team, however, we can help you ensure the best possible outcome when you go to court.

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