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If you find yourself being charged with something as serious as manslaughter, you are in serious need of help from a good lawyer. If you try to take care of any legal matters on your own, you could end up in more trouble than you should be. There are many criminal lawyers to hire, but when you are facing a serious offense such as murder, you need to find a reputable and experienced manslaughter lawyer to help you with your case. Their help could be the difference between getting off easy or spending the rest of your life behind bars.

What Is Manslaughter?

Basically put, manslaughter is killing someone without premeditation – according to Joel Farar, a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. It is unjustified and intentional, yet without malice or deliberation. Many people think that a manslaughter charge is less than a murder charge. However, it is just as bad. There are two types of manslaughter charges. The first is voluntary manslaughter. This is defined as the intentional killing of someone else. The second is involuntary manslaughter. This is the killing of another person without the intention of doing so. The lack of intent is where voluntary and involuntary manslaughter charges differ.

What Are The Penalties For Manslaughter?

All types of manslaughter charges are treated as felonies. This is at both the federal and state levels and is punishable with a minimum of a year in prison. Additionally, depending on the details of the case and circumstances, there could also be fines and probationary periods. The actual length spent in prison will depend on the circumstantial evidence and the history of the accused. In some cases, it will make a lot of difference if the individual is a repeat offender or has a long history of getting in trouble with the law.

What Are The Possible Defenses For Manslaughter?

When it comes to defending yourself against a manslaughter charge, there are only a few possible defenses to put to use. These can include proving you didn’t commit the crime in question, proving your actions to kill were justified or that your behavior does not meet the necessary elements of voluntary manslaughter. The most common defense for manslaughter charges is self-defense. To prove self-defense, you must show that there was a need for deadly force against someone to protect your own life or someone else’s life.

Benefits Of Hiring A Manslaughter Lawyer

There are countless reasons why you need to hire a manslaughter lawyer if you are facing this kind of charge. Below are a few of the top benefits.

Help Examining The Prosecution

A great benefit of hiring a lawyer for a manslaughter charge is that an experienced lawyer will be able to find loopholes in the prosecution’s case. Skilled criminal defense attorneys can go through the prosecution’s argument and evidence to find discrepancies to help with your own defense.

Can Find Expert Witnesses

A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can help find the right expert witnesses to help your case. They will have reputable expert witness contacts to use and get them to testify on behalf of your case. The right expert witnesses can make or break a criminal case, especially a manslaughter charge.

Protect Against Fabricated Testimonies

While most law enforcement officials are honest, there are some who will tamper with or destroy crucial evidence in order to see you convicted. A good criminal lawyer can help protect you from dishonest police officials to assist you in getting down to the truth.

Decrease The Penalties

A manslaughter charge is very serious, even if you maintain your innocence. If you are not wanting to spend the rest of your life behind bars, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. They can help work on your case to try to get you the least severe punishment possible.

It is best to hire a reputable criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible if you are facing a manslaughter charge. Getting a good outcome cannot be done on your own or with inexperienced lawyers on your side. You need a proven criminal lawyer.

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