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If you have been charged with drug possession in Brooklyn, you could be wondering what to expect. This is a situation that you will definitely not want to take lightly. Luckily, though, there are lawyers out there who can help.

Brooklyn Drug Possession

In New York, charges for controlled substances and for marijuana are handled differently. However, the charges are very similar in nature. You should also understand that there are two different types of drug possession offenses. One type is actually having physical possession of the drug. The other type is having “constructive” possession of the drug. This type of drug possession refers to being the individual who is in control of the person or the place where the drugs were found, even if the person was not actually physically present at the time.

In order to prove that you are guilty of drug possession in New York, the prosecution has to prove that the substance was, in fact, a controlled substance and that you actually possessed the substance. If needed, we can handle your federal appeals issue as well.  The prosecution also has to prove that you knew that you possessed the substance and that your possession of the substance was unlawful. If you are currently facing drug possession charges, these are all things that the prosecution will work to prove in your case.

Penalties for Drug Possession in Brooklyn, New York

Different types of drug possession charges can result in different consequences. For example, if you are convicted of possessing more than eight ounces of a substance that contains a narcotic, you will be convicted of a Class A-1 felony. The penalty for this can be eight to 20 years of imprisonment or a fine of $100,000.

Not all drug possession charges are this serious, but that doesn’t mean that they are something that you should take lightly, either. If you are convicted of a lower-level felony, you could face some prison time. Plus, your life could be affected in the long-term due to having a felony conviction on your record.

Some drug possession charges are actually misdemeanors or “violations.” For example, if you are convicted of possessing marijuana in a quantity of 25 grams or less, you could face a maximum of 15 days in jail and a maximum fine of $250.

Defenses for Drug Possession in Brooklyn

There are various ways that an attorney can defend you if you are facing charges for drug possession in Brooklyn. Your attorney could argue that you were not aware that the drug was in your possession or that you were holding the drug legally, such as if it was a prescription medication that was prescribed to you. Individuals under 16 years old may also be defended by the “infancy” defense in some cases. Of course, every case is different; if you’d like to find out how an attorney can defend you for drug possession in Brooklyn, it’s a good idea to sit down with an experienced lawyer so that he or she can talk to you about the details of your case.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

As you can see, if you are facing charges for drug possession in Brooklyn, New York, it is very important to take the situation seriously. Even though you might have thought about going to court on your own, you should know that this is usually not a very good idea. Instead, you should work with a reputable lawyer who knows New York laws and who can help you with your case.

Luckily, one of our experienced attorneys can help. Our legal team has a ton of experience with New York laws related to drug possession and other crimes. We can talk to you about your individual case to help you understand what you are facing and to help guide you through the process. We will also do everything that we can to defend you to the best of our ability and to help you preserve your freedom and your reputation. If you contact us today, we can sit down with you for a consultation so that we can talk to you a little more about your situation.

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