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New York State is well-known as being one of the toughest states in the country when it comes to drug laws. Not only are there strict state laws about drug possession and the selling and trafficking of drugs, but there are also strict laws about drug manufacturing. If you have been charged with a crime that is related to drug manufacturing, it is important to understand the gravity of your situation. A good lawyer who is experienced in handling drug manufacturing cases in New York can give you a better idea of what to expect and can help you with each and every step of your case.

Drug Manufacturing Charges

Drug manufacturing charges in New York State generally refer to the manufacture of methamphetamine. Those who are charged with manufacturing methamphetamine can be charged with doing so in the first, second or third degree. Each of these charges is very serious, although some are more serious than others.

You can be charged with unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine in the third degree for simply possessing the necessary products to prepare methamphetamine with the intention of manufacturing this drug. A second degree charge can be charged in the event of a third degree offense in the presence of children. Someone who is being charged with a third degree manufacture of methamphetamine charge for the second time can also be charged in the second degree. Unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine in the first degree can be given to someone who has committed a third offense or more.

Penalties for Drug Manufacturing

The penalties for manufacture of methamphetamine vary based off of the degree with which you are charged. A first degree charge is a class B felony, which is punishable with up to a maximum of 25 years in prison. A second degree charge is a class C felony that is punishable with up to 15 years in prison; however, some people who are convicted of class C felonies do not face any jail time at all. A third degree charge is a class D felony; class D felonies are punishable by up to seven years in prison, although some people who are convicted of these crimes do not face jail or prison time. In addition to prison time, other consequences can include probation, hefty fines and more.

Potential Defenses for Drug Manufacturing

If you are wondering how an attorney can defend you for these charges, you should know that there are a few legal defenses that can be used, based off of the circumstances surrounding your case. For example, your lawyer could argue that you did not have the intention of making methamphetamine with the supplies that you were caught with and arrested for.

Regardless of how your lawyer decides to defend you in court, you are probably going to be better off with legal representation than by handling one of these cases alone. Instead of relying on a public defender, consider meeting with an experienced attorney who will be invested in your case.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing in New York State, then it is important for you to think about your future. Handling this type of case on your own can be intimidating, and it could result in your case not being handled in the way that it should be. Fortunately, this is something that the experienced attorneys at our law firm can assist you with.

If you meet with us, we will talk to you about the drug manufacturing charges that you are facing. We can then tell you about what to expect when you go to court, about the consequences that you are facing and about the potential defenses that we can use to defend you. Then, we can work with you to help you ensure that your court date goes as smoothly as possible.

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