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Domestic violence is aggression committed by an adult in a marriage, love, or family relationship. The hostile behavior can manifest itself through physical, oral, psychological, or physical attacks. The aggressor’s goal is to force the victim into complying with particular instructions or to exercise control over the lover or spouse.

In 1998, the U.S. Department of Justice estimated that up to four million citizens suffer domestic abuse incidents every year. In a report the Bureau of Justice Statistics released in 1994, women constitute 92 percent of domestic abuse victims.

Understanding the Nature of Domestic Violence

• Domestic-based abuse can involve the fiancée, current spouse, former spouse, family member, parents, in-laws, or child.

• Sometimes, the aggressor is the same gender relationship partner, the dating partner, an unmarried person of the opposite gender, adopted parent, stepfather or mother, and even a person who offers refuge.

• Domestic violence victims are not exclusively female. Men too suffer domestic abuse.

• Although physical, sexual, and psychological abuse is the most common forms of domestic aggression, the destruction of property or pets does happen.

Protecting yourself from Domestic Abuse

When you share a residence with the aggressor, you should take care of your life and the lives of the children as well. A person with the tendency to commit domestic violence crimes is more likely to cause death. Also, the following steps can help a domestic violence lawyer to initiate legal action against the abuser:

• Document the abusive incidents: Keep the records of the incidences of emotional or physical abuse involving you and the kids. The time, date, and the description of every aggression or injuries are essential.

• Seek a safe residence: Never put your life in danger. You can seek refuge in a hotel, the house of a friend, or co-worker, but avoid predictable homes, such as your parents’ home.

Consult a Domestic Law Expert Immediately

Sometimes, circumstances can force you and the children to vacate the marital or shared home quickly. Call a domestic abuse defense attorney without delay for help in seeking the court to provide emergency protective orders for you and the kids. Failure to get the protective order will make the spouse accuse of you of kidnapping. The order will also require the abusive party to stay away from the victims.

What Behavior Constitutes Domestic Violence?

You should consult domestic violence attorneys if you experience the abuses below.

• Physical actions, such as slapping, pulling of hair, kicking, boxing, punching, or shoving.

• Coerced sexual acts, unwanted intercourse, or sexual jokes, and insults.

• Threats of abuse including the threat to hit, use a weapon, or harm.

• Psychological abuse, attacks on your self-esteem, interrogation, limiting of your movements, or repeated insults.

• Stalking, following another person, appearing in a workplace or person’s home.

• Cyberstalking that leads to emotional distress

Long-Term Protection for Domestic Abuse Victim

Emergency custody orders will protect you for a while. You need to work with the domestic Your text to link…abuse lawyers on a longer-term program that involves the issues below:

• Divorce proceedings or a separation process if you are unmarried.

• Child custody, child support, and alimony.

• Division of marital property and liabilities.

• Visitation rights.

Federal and U.S. State Domestic Violence Laws

Both the federal and state robustly protect the citizens at the risk of domestic abuse. The 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) while safeguarding women against sexual and domestic violence against women also calls for the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.

Jail Sentence and Penalties for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

In Alabama, stalking a former spouse is a class A felony which invites up to 99 years in jail. Florida laws state that a defendant who inflicts intentional physical injury in a domestic scuffle must spend five days in prison. Penalties for domestic violence include community service, fines, jail, restraining orders, termination of parental rights, supervised visitation rights, and deportation for non-nationals.

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