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Criminal Possession of Marijuana Lawyers

Many people do not feel that a charge for criminal possession of marijuana is very serious. However, depending on the state in which you are caught and the circumstances surrounding your case, it can turn out to be very serious with some harsh consequences. Even with a misdemeanor drug charge, it is not advisable to try and take on any type of legal matter alone. It is to consult with an attorney who will be able to work on your case and get you the possible outcome.

Criminal Drug Possession Charges

Possessing marijuana or other illegal controlled substances is a crime. However, what actually defines a criminal possession of a drug will vary depending on the actual drug found, the amount of it and the state in which the offense actually took place. Criminal possession of certain types of illicit drugs can violate both state and federal laws. In general, to be convicted of this type of charge, the prosecution needs to be able to prove both of the following:

•The defendant knew that the drug they had was considered a controlled substance.
•He or she had possession of the drug knowingly or had full control over it.

Penalties For Criminal Possession of Marijuana

In most states across the country, it is still illegal to be in possession of marijuana. Unlawful possession or distribution of a drug is when you knowingly and unlawfully have it in your possession when caught. If you are caught with a small amount in your possession, you will likely be given a citation. However, this is typically for the first-time offenders. With repeat offenders, or those who are caught with large amounts of the drug, it is possible to get in more trouble and face possible fines and jail time. This would be called criminal possession of marijuana. The severity of the criminal possession charge will depend on the amount that an individual possesses.

Defenses For Criminal Possession Of Marijuana

There are many defenses a criminal lawyer will use to try and get your drug possession charges dropped. Some of these defenses can include unlawful search and seizure, crime lab analysis, missing drugs and drugs belonging to someone else. In other cases, a lawyer may try to prove the drugs were planted or used for entrapment of the individual. Proving any of these defenses will take the help of a skillful criminal lawyer.

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For A Criminal Possession Of Marijuana Charge

Facing a drug charge is never an easy thing to go through. Your future and freedom can become at stake. Each drug possession case is different. However, no matter what type of charge you are facing, you need the help of a trusted defense lawyer by your side to fight for your rights. There are many ways in which a defense attorney can help you if you have been charged with criminal possession of marijuana. Below are some of the top ways they can help.

•They can collect witnesses and evidence to support your case.
•They can cross-examine the prosecutor’s witnesses to discredit their case against you.
•They can help lessen the severity of your case by persuading the prosecution, judge or jury.
•They can help to keep your rights protected throughout the case.
•They will be able to help try and get your charges dropped or reduced.

It is never advisable to try and get through any type of legal matter alone. A criminal lawyer can help give you the edge on your case to get you the possible outcome. Your freedom can depend on choosing the right lawyer for your marijuana case.

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