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Computer crimes are becoming more and more prevalent. A crime that was once looked upon as an innocent prank, is a felony and can land you in prison for several years. Computer hacking is described as accessing a computer system without authorization. While most computer hackers are traditionally young males, they can literally be anyone. Under federal hacking laws, individuals are forbidden to illegally access the computer for stealing and corrupting computer information. These crimes are very serious and come with serious consequences. If you are under investigation for computer hacking, contact a lawyer with proven experience in this area. Only an attorney who knows the ins and outs of computer hacking laws can offer you a viable defense.

There are different degrees of hacking and cyber crime, all of which are serious:

  • Unauthorized use of a computer. A class A Misdemeanor.
  • Computer trespass. Class E Felony
  • Computer tampering. Fourth degree to first degree. This ranges from Class A Misdemeanor up to a Class E Felony.
  • Unlawful duplication on material in the second and first degree. Class B Misdemeanor up to a Class E Felony.
  • Criminal possession of computer related material. Class E Felony.

If you are charged with computer hacking, there are often other crimes that may be could face arrest for including:

  • Downloading and illegal file sharing.
  • Identity theft.
  • Internet fraud and related expenses.
  • Phishing and spamming.
  • Hacking to create fake hard money loans
  • Copyright violations.

Computer hacking is a crime that is growing at a very fast rate. And its not just in the U.S. Individuals in other countries can compromise your information for the purposes of theft or corruption. Many people underestimate the seriousness of this offense. But depending on what you hack, you could end up with decades in prison. You can also receive a very hefty fine and a permanent criminal record. Only an experienced attorney who understands every aspect of cyber crimes can help you. If you find your self under investigation, you should find a cyber crimes lawyer immediately.

An example of what you could realistically expect depending on what you hacked and how much damage your crime did:

  • Fines anywhere from $1,000 up to $100,000.
  • Jail or prison time up to 20 years depending on the severity of the charge.
  • Probation if the offense is relatively minor and you have no prior criminal record.

Although companies and businesses are using every type of sophisticated software available to keep their information secure, experienced hackers are still finding ways to get in. They can bypass passwords and completely override systems to make them vulnerable. A number of major corporations have been hacked over the years. This results in hackers obtaining sensitive customer information that they either sell or use for their own criminal purposes.

An accusation of hacking or other cyber crime is very serious. If you are charged, you will need to mount the most vigorous defense available. Prosecutors do not take cyber crimes like hacking lightly. Due to the veracity of these crimes, first time offenders are receiving very stiff sentences. Many law firms have experts on their staff to help clients who are charged with hacking. In cases like this, you have to fight fire with fire.

A charge of computer hacking can ruin you life. If you find yourself under investigation, seek out the advice from an experienced law firm. Whether you are under state or federal charges, only an attorney can help you receive the lowest sentence under the law or no charges at all.

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