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With technology evolving all the time, Internet and computer related crimes have increasingly drawn the attention of law enforcement officials. The law in New York state relating to numerous types of cyber related crimes is quite strict, so you will want to take any charge lodged against you seriously. At the same time, it is important to remember that you have legal rights when facing such an accusation. It is not uncommon for law enforcement officials to target the wrong individual, particularly as cyber criminals become more sophisticated in hiding their actual identity and location. If you have been charged with a computer or Internet related crime, you will want Brooklyn Computer and Internet Crime lawyers working on the case for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Computer and Internet Crimes in New York Explained

Because of the scope of this particular crime, there are quite a few possible scenarios that could cause you to be charged for a computer or Internet related offense in New York. The list is long, and some of the categories carry extremely long prison sentences, combined with hefty financial penalties. The most common crime committed in this area is computer tampering. Other possible crimes indue the unlawful duplication of computer related material, the possession of computer related material in an illegal manner, trespassing by using a computer, and using a computer in an unauthorized manner.

Penalties for Computer and Internet Crimes in New York

The penalty for computer and Internet crimes in New York varies depending on the severity of the charge. At this time, computer tampering in the first degree is the most serious crime listed in the New York Penal Code. To be charged with this particular crime, you need to be accused of accessing another computer without any prior authorization, and you need to be found having altered the information on that computer in an intentional manner. You can also be charged with this crime if you are found to have destroyed computer data or another person’s program. To be charged with computer tampering in the first degree, the financial damages must total in excess of $50,000. If convicted, you are looking at a long prison sentence and severe monetary fines.

While not every computer and Internet crime in New York is punishable with a jail sentence, the fact remains that a conviction will remain on your record for quite some time. It will make future employment prospects more difficult, and the negative consequences can continue for decades. The actual punishment that is levied against you will depend on the amount of damage done and the manner in which you access the computer or Internet. Allow a Brooklyn computer and Internet crime lawyer to fight for your legal rights so that you receive as reduced a sentence as possible, if you are convicted at all.

Possible Defenses Against This Charge

There are actually quite a few possible defenses that can be used against a computer and internet criminal charge. One of the more common defenses would be employed if you had a legitimate reason to believe that you had permission to access the computer in question. Remember, it is the prosecutor’s job to prove malicious intent on your part. A similar defense can be used if you thought that you had permission to copy and files that are called into question. In addition, there are times when you might be charged with an Internet related crime, but you are not the person that was accessing the sites in question. If that can be proven, your case can go away.

How Can Brooklyn Computer and Internet Crime Lawyers Help You?

A Brooklyn computer and Internet crime lawyer can help you by examining the evidence and working first to get your case dismissed. If that is not possible, your lawyer will work to get the charges reduced and they will be you every step of the way. Contact our office today.

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