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Buying cigarettes in another place and bringing them into New York or even selling a few packs of cigarettes to a friend for a discounted price might not seem like a criminal act, but it is technically illegal. If you have found yourself in a legal situation related to cigarettes and cigarette smuggling, we want to help. Our experienced legal team can assist you with this tough situation.

Cigarette Smuggling

As you might already know, cigarettes can be quite expensive in New York. In fact, New York state has the highest cigarette tax rates of any state in the country, and New York City then tacks on additional taxes to make each pack of cigarettes even more expensive. Because of this, cigarette smuggling can be surprisingly common in Brooklyn and elsewhere throughout New York City.

Even though it might not seem like a big deal to “smuggle” in cigarettes from another state, whether for personal use or so that you can sell them to your friends for a small profit, the truth is that it is illegal. If you have been participating in cigarette smuggling, you could even be facing Brooklyn cigarette smuggling charges.

Penalties for Cigarette Smuggling in Brooklyn, New York

Many people think that all you have to worry about in regards to cigarette smuggling is a small fine. However, this is not necessarily the case. Depending on how much tobacco you have attempted to evade taxes on, you could be facing a felony charge related to cigarette smuggling. You could actually be facing jail time and hefty fines if you are convicted of cigarette smuggling.

If it’s your first offense and you were caught selling fewer than 10,000 cigarettes, then you do not have as much to worry about. However, the state can be surprisingly harsh on individuals for these types of charges as well. For example, even a first-time offender can be charged with a misdemeanor and could face hefty fines.

Even though selling cigarettes without paying the proper tax on them might not seem like a very big deal, the truth is that the consequences can be quite steep. Therefore, if this is a legal situation that you are involved in, you aren’t going to want to take the situation too lightly. Instead, you should consider working with an experienced legal team so that you can get advice about how to properly handle your case.

Possible Defenses for Cigarette Smuggling Charges

Your lawyer will need to sit down and talk to you about your cigarette smuggling-related charges and the individual, specific details of your case. Then, he or she can begin working on a good defense for you. The right attorney may be able to defend you in court in order to clear your name and prevent you from ever being convicted. In some cases, your lawyer might be able to help you work out a plea deal or other type of bargain to help lessen the consequences. Taking these steps can be difficult on your own, so if you have an upcoming court date that is related to cigarette smuggling or any other crime, we suggest that you schedule a consultation with an attorney as soon as possible so that you can handle your case the right way.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

You should not have to worry about risking your freedom or your future over a couple of packs of cigarettes. Luckily, you do not have to handle this situation all on your own. Our experienced lawyers know and understand New York laws regarding cigarettes and cigarette smuggling. We can talk to you about your case, help determine the perfect defense for your situation and defend you in court. If you meet with us, one of our experienced lawyers will be more than happy to sit down with you to talk to you about the details of your case.

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