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Why You Need To Hire An Assault Lawyer

No matter what type of case you are involved in or what crime you are being charged with, it is never in your interest to try and take care of any legal matters on your own. You could end up getting in worse trouble and wasting valuable time and money doing so. If you are facing an assault charge, consider hiring an assault lawyer to help you with you case. They can work with you to get you the desired results you are wanting at the end of your case.

What Is An Assault Charge?

Simply put, an assault charge is one where someone is convicted of a crime of violence. Each state will differ greatly on what defines an assault charge. Some may define it as an intentional use of violence or force against someone else. Examples of this could mean striking or punching a victim with your fist or with another item. Within other states, the assault doesn’t have to include an actual physical attack. Some people may be charged with assault because they had attempted to physically attack or hurt someone else. In many cases, a simple assault is usually a misdemeanor charge. This is only the case if the injuries as a result of the attack are minor and there was only a limited threat from the attacker of violence.

Penalties For Assault Charges

The penalties that may arise from an assault charge or a battery charge can vary greatly depending on which state the crime was committed in. The penalties can also vary depending on the circumstances of the specific case. The punishments for these crimes can range from things such as small fines to being sent to prison. Many of the penalties will also depend on whether or not the individual who committed the act is a first-time offender or a repeat offender. If the severity of an assault or battery case becomes aggravated assault, the penalties can be much more harsh.

Defenses For Assault Cases

There are a few defenses usable for an assault case. However, these can vary greatly depending on the circumstances and facts surrounding the incident. Some of the possible defenses you and an attorney may use to help your assault case could include self-defense, defense of others, consent and defense of property. The most popular of these is self-defense. In order to establish the need for using self-defense, the accused individual must show one or more of the following:

•There was a threat of harm or lawful force used against them
•There was no provocation or harm started from their part
•A genuine perception of fear they would be harmed
•There was no chance of escaping without force

Benefits Of Hiring An Assault Attorney

Finding yourself involved in a criminal charge can be very distressing. This is true whether you are at fault or maintaining your innocence. Trying to navigate the difficult legal system on your own without help from a lawyer can be complicated and challenging. It is always advisable to hire an assault attorney for your case. Having the help of someone who is experienced in the laws regarding your type of charge can be very helpful and they can make sure you’re treated fairly under the law. Below are some of the top benefits of hiring an attorney to help create a strong defense for you and protect your rights.


Lawyers have spent many years studying and training every aspect of criminal law and the ins-and-outs of court proceedings. This experience and expertise can help them build a strong assault case for your benefit. They have all the necessary knowledge to look at the evidence involved in the case and give you the legal representation possible.


Every assault case needs different strategies and approaches to handling the charges which were brought about. An assault attorney will be able to take into account all events and circumstances involved to design a strategy accordingly. Using this information, they will be able to conduct their own independent investigation and make settlements with the other side or prepare for trial if necessary.

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