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are glass bongs illegal to carry with you? or can you get arrested

With all the recent legalization of marijuana in certain states, it’s caused many to begin asking the question about whether or not it’s still illegal to carry glass bongs with you. If it’s now legal to smoke marijuana in certain states, then surely you will no longer get arrested for carrying a glass bong on your person since that is one of the tools you can use to smoke the marijuana with. Before definitely answering whether or not glass bongs are illegal to carry with you, it’s important to note a few considerations.

What is a Glass Bong?

First of all, before you can determine whether or not being in possession of a glass bong will get you arrested or not, you must first understand what one is. A bong is a tool that people use to smoke many types of herbal mixtures, and a glass bong is one of these tools that’s made out of glass. Many people prefer the glass bongs because they are highly durable and are oftentimes easier to clean than bongs constructed of other materials. Regardless, the herbal mixtures that you choose to smoke out of bongs can be both legal and illegal substances. For instance, in addition to smoking marijuana from a bong, you can also smoke tobacco and other legal herbal substances from one. Nevertheless, regardless of whether you prefer a glass bong or another type of bong, it’s important to know whether or not carrying one with you will put in danger of getting arrested.

Each State Is Different

Shortly put, there is no definite answer on whether or not it’s illegal to carry glass bongs around with you. Because the laws for each state are different, the answer will depend upon the laws in your particular state. Whether or not your state considers glass bongs to be classified as drug paraphernalia is the primary determinate of whether or not you could get arrested for carrying a glass bong around you. In many states, glass bongs are classified as drug paraphernalia just because they can be used to ingest an illegal substance (if marijuana is illegal in your state). However, even if you don’t use your glass bong to ingest an illegal substance, you could still get arrested for carrying it around with you if your state classifies it as drug paraphernalia. In general, it is safe to assume that if marijuana isn’t legal in your state of residency, then it probably won’t be safe for you to carry glass bongs around with you. Even in states where marijuana is legalized fully or just for medicinal purposes, you’ll still want to check with your states specific laws concerning whether or not it’s legal to carry the glass bongs around with you.

Can You Get Arrested?

Even when glass bongs are considered drug paraphernalia, it is ultimately up to the police officer whether or not he or she decides to arrest you. If glass bongs are classified as drug paraphernalia in your state, but you tell the officer that you don’t use it to ingest illegal substances, then the officer might not arrest you if he or she finds no trace of residue of illegal substances in the bong. If there’s any reason for officers to suspect you’ve been using it to ingest illegal substances and break the law, then they will most likely arrest you. At the officer’s discretion, you could get off with a warning.


If glass bongs are classified as drug paraphernalia in your state, then it’s not to carry them with you, especially if you’re going to be in a public space or traveling in your vehicle where you could get pulled over. If you do happen to get arrested and slapped with a charge for carrying glass bongs around, lawyers are there to help you. A good lawyer can help defend you in a court of law and hopefully get the charges dropped.

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